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(L) Mike Evans, (R) Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel
Thomas’ Ambassador Award from Dr. Michael Evans JPT
Tom Israel America
Thomas stands with Israel forever! Prophet

Dr. Michael Evans, Ambassador to Jerusalem (letter excerpts) June 10/July 10, 2005:

“Dear Thomas,  …I have just met with the Prime Minister of Israel in Washington D.C.  I went as your Ambassador, and represented our Lord, and you, there. I know that what we are doing is part of prophecy, just as the events in 1948 were the fulfillment of prophecy. We must let the Jewish people know that they are not alone, and that you and I are part of prophecy at a critical time in their history. We must let them know that we are standing shoulder-to- shoulder with them.”

 “Many years ago, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem told me that he had met with President (USA) Harry Truman to discuss the re-establishment of the nation of Israel.  He said to President Truman, ‘God put you in your mother’s womb to help bring about the rebirth of Israel after 2000 years.’  Today, I say those same words to you: ‘God put you in your mothers womb to help save the nation of Israel, and America.'” 
Jerusalem World Center

“I am your Ambassador to Jerusalem. You are an Ambassador, also. Just as I have been honored with the Ambassador Award* by the Mayor of Jerusalem, so have you.

*The State of Israel has honored me by presenting me with the prestigious Ambassador Award. This is Israel’s best gift, generally given to world leaders. God has spoken to my heart to send you a photographed copy of this award to you, and commission you as an Ambassador to Jerusalem. Under the Lord’s direction, I have been authorized to make this available to a select handful of inner circle Jerusalem Prayer Team partners. I want America to be blessed, not cursed.  You can be sure that haters of God will remain silent and will NOT stand up for the Word of God or for the House of Israel. This is why your voice is so important.” -Your Ambassador to Jerusalem, Michael D. Evans

It is written: “I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night.  You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give Him no rest till He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.”  (Isaiah 62:6–7)

The Vermont Addison Independent on October 21, 1999 correctly quoted me, Thomas Millington: “The practices, purpose, and direction of America is contrary to the Will of God and the Kingdom of Heaven as taught by Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.”

Holy Nation Ad in Vermont’s largest Newspaper. Israel’s current government is set up as a de facto government- not the exact representation of Jesus’ Theocracy to come; nevertheless, the LORD orchestrates all things according to His perfect will. Israel was not born in 1948. It was born in the heart of God and revealed to Abraham many years before the birth of Isaac.
Used with permission: Bracha Lavee

The Jerusalem Prayer Team Board consists of some of the most recognized evangelical leaders in America such as Mrs. Anne Graham Lotz, Dr. Tim LaHaye, Dr. Pat Robinson, Dr. Paul Crouch, Dr Jack Hayford, Mr. Joseph Farah, Dr John Hagee, Mr. Pat Boone, Mr. Bill McCartney, Ms. Kay Arthur, Rev. Tommy Tenney, Dr. A.R. Bernard, and Dr. Jay Sekulow and 300 others. The mission to: “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” –Psalm 122:6. 


(Late) Chief Abrey Perley [L] (Late) Chief David Hill [R]
Thomas with (the late) Chief David Hill, United Nations World Peace Academy recognized
Credentials, Hon. Dr. Pierre Fournier

Thomas Millington has worked with the Algonquin Wabanaki Nation and has had a peace ceremony with (now late) Hon. Dr. Pierre Fournier, H. E. Ambassador At Large for Indian Peoples in Americas from the former League of Nations (preceded the United Nations.) Dr. Fournier made clear that his grandfather had been killed by a “christian” to which I, Thomas, replied: “A misguided and lost person, not a true Christian, Jesus killed no one and taught no one to kill another.” Five Hundred Years of Injustice

Thomas to Thomas Letter

Thomas Millington has met with Thomas Naylor (VT 2nd Republic) “Imperialism refers to the practice of forming and maintaining as empire through military, political, or economic conquest. … Although our nation was founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the story of how Native Americans were relentlessly forced to abandoned their homes and lands and move into Indian territories to make room for American states is a story of arrogance, greed, and raw military power. … We have violated over three hundred treaties which we signed protecting the rights of American Indians.” -Secession, Thomas H. Naylor

Thomas’ baptism in the River Jordan

 Any attempt to eliminate Israel as a nation or to steal its Jewish heritage to Jerusalem as the Holy City and the center of the world is a direct attack against Yehovah, Yeshua, Christ Jesus, who is author and sustainer of life.” -Thomas H. Millington, Ambassador IICor.5:20, Ambassador to Jerusalem

<Fumio%20&%20Tom%20Capernaum Tom Millington with Reverend Fumio Taku, President Christians and Jews United for Israel  in Israel

Thomas’ authentic in person signature of David Brog

“An organization called the Jerusalem Prayer Team is working toward a goal of ‘having one million people praying daily and 100,000 houses of worship praying weekly for the peace and protection of the Jewish People.’ … In addition to organizing prayers for Israel, the Jerusalem  Team’s Founder, Mike Evans, has raised funds to aid Israeli victims of terror through massive church rallies.” Standing With Israel, David Brog, page 173 


Thomas on top of Masada, Israel (Never Again!)


Thomas’ authentic in person signature of (Late) Chuck Colson, former Top Aide to President Nixon

Justice that Restores “Why our justice system doesn’t work and the only method of true reform”  (Chuck Colson was a Top Aide to President Nixon, found guilty in the Watergate scandal, and then found Jesus Christ!)

Holy Nation float
Thomas Millington, Ambassador II Cor.5:20, Ambassador to Jerusalem -Tom’s float entry “Spirit of the Living God” in the Brandon, Vermont 2007 parade won most unique entry.
Tom’s ’07 Parade Check, “Spirit of the Living God”


Lapel Pin