Time for Unity!

This website is dedicated to unite and heal the nations of  People from evil minded rulers through the teachings of Jesus/Yeshua; a Theocracy, a nation ruled by God. “For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ, Yeshua.” -1 Corinthians 3:11

“It is not God’s will that there be two separate peoples of God. Gentile Christians who recognize that they have joined Israel, not replaced it, and Messianic Jews who fully identify fully with both the Jewish people and the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, must work together to heal the greatest schism in the history of the world, the split between the Church and the Jewish people.” -David H. Stern, author of Jewish New Testament 

The shofar calling Yeshua’s People to awake and unite in love!

Yeshua is the hope of Israel! Yeshua was not a usurper of the Torah (the opinion of the Talmud)! In fact he tried to return people to Torah! Yeshua’s mission was tikkun olam- healing the world. It is written: “Don’t think that I [Yeshua] have come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to complete.” Mattityahu (Matthew) 5:17 -Jewish New Testament

The reason most Jewish people think that Christians hate them is because of what they have suffered at the hands of those who claimed to be followers of Jesus. I learned this from my mother when I was very young. My newest book, Jew Hatred and the Church

The Roman Catholic Church taught a false doctrine of “replacement theology” usurping the Jews authority to clearly proclaim the Word. Roman culture was not neutral with respect to the announcement of God’s reign in Christ. The Gospel of the kingdom is not just about a gift. It is about a change of allegiance. The declaration “Jesus is Lord” was understandably viewed as subversive and a threat to everything the Romans held dear. That’s why Christians had to die. That’s why tyrants such as Stalin and Mao tried to stamp out the Church. The Threat of Jesus, Rev. Robert Lynn

Dec. 3, 2014 Pope Francis: Oust Anti-Semitism, Embrace roots– Last week, almost two years into his role as leader of the Catholic world, Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now called Pope Francis, spoke of the sinfulness of anti-Semitism in a lengthy talk with Yedioth Ahronoth’s (Ynet News) Henrique Cymerman. “We must make it absolutely clear that anti-Semitism is a sin,” the Pope said. “One of the reasons I’m here is to remind the Christian world that our roots are in Judaism. In every Christian, there is a Jew; and you can’t be a true Christian if you don’t recognize your Jewish Roots. I don’t mean Judaism in the ethnic, origin sense, but from the religious aspect. …” -Origin source: Messianic Bible

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